Gambia Guide

Adama Bah, an entrepreneur in the beautiful African country of Gambia, went on a mission to show the hidden treasures of his country to its visitors. A couple of years ago he took the leap and started as a personal tour guide. Gambia is known as ‘The smiling coast of Africa’ and once you’ve met Adama you understand why.

A tour by Adama includes but isn’t limited to: pearly white beaches, a taste of Gambian cuisine cooked by none other than his own family, rides in iconic yellow taxis and incredible natural landscapes.

Adama came to use because he was in need of a brand. A modern, vibrant and popping brand that not only stands out between the boring, stereotypical guides but one that also speaks to the often Western visitors.

What we developed is exactly that, a playful, graphical brand that is a cross-contamination between Western minimalism and African vibrance. Highlighting positive vibes, cultural richness and sunny relaxation. It is a dynamic brand, formed to fit all sizes and shapes, online or offline.




Adama Bah


Daan Kuyper