HUIG Magazine

The Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst, a well known academy for architecture and urban planning, produces a yearly magazine in which they showcase the latest projects of their students, guest editors discuss developments within the discipline and highlight interesting future plans.

The name HUIG refers to one of the co-founders of the academy, Huig Maaskant who is famous for his works like the Euromast, ‘het Groothandelsgebouw’, and the Pier of Scheveningen.

Our goal as the designers of this magazine was to present the work of these young professionals in a way that serves them right, showcasing the variety and richness of the various projects. We were intrigued by the diversity in scale. Some projects covered entire cities while others showed a new vision on a certain neighborhood. This diversity became the starting point of our design grid.

The end result is a contemporary, minimalist designed magazine that gives a crystal clear stage to it’s content, and provides new refreshing insights into the world of architecture and urban planning. We developed a symbol navigation system so that you, the reader, can easily jump back and forth between reads. The magazine comfortably folds open completely flat thanks to the sewn open back and swiss binding, printed on beautiful paper by NPN drukkers in Breda.


Print design


Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst, Willem de Kooning Academie


Kristy den Dulk
Babette Verhulst
Juliet Ulehake