rotterdam based
graphic and
motion designer

I strongly believe that good design has the potential to bring positive change to the world. But then it's up to the designer, the creative, in this case myself, to make conscious choices on how I decide to apply my skills. Take my gradation project as an example of this. The Unheard Nation is a browser based digital experience that creates awareness about the story of West Papua. I actively try to seek and collaborate with those who also apply themselves for the common good. 

That's why I co-founded Common Collective, a design focused collective, made up out of a set of complementary individuals, each with their own speciality, working together towards a common goal.

Being naturally curious, during my time at the Willem de Kooning Academy I noticed that the graphic design profession is becoming evermore digital. That’s why I started learning animation besides my graphic design study. This gives us the opportunity to communicate with a new instrument, motion! Now, in 2021, a static brand is no longer an option.

Eager to make your project or brand more dynamic with motion? Or are you also on a mission to create a better world in your own way? Let's connect and discuss how design could help your initiative!

work experience

current - Common Collective
current - Freelance
2019 - Morrow Creative Club (internship)
2016 - Doorrood (internship)
2015 - Homer Creative, UK (internship)


2020 - The Unheard Nation, Onland Network
2019 - HUIG Magazine, Monsterkamer
2018 - North Sea Jazz art poster, Jazz cafe Dizzy
2018 - North Sea Jazz art poster, North Sea Jazz festival
2017 - RED DREAMS, Red Floor Gallery
2017 - Future Potty Training, Willem de Kooning Open Day


2020 - Bachelor Of Arts, Willem de Kooning Academy
2016 - Graphic Design, Deltion College



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