North Sea Farmers

OD designstudio developed a dynamic identity for the North Sea Farmers, visualizing the pressing need to find sustainable alternatives. Because our environment is in the red, and so are we!

The identity is one of a kind since it starts off as a dominantly red brand with a speck of green hope. But as the years progress, the brand will turn greener and greener. As OD designstudio puts it: ‘You don't design a brand identity for the short term, but in this case we sincerely strive to make the future look greener, and that the work of the North Sea Farmers and the seaweed sector is so successful that we can make the logo more green as quickly as possible.’

For this project I’ve developed several case animations, showcasing how the concept is applied, the urgency of the story but most importantly the future ambitions. It reflects how the brand will update regularly as progression is made and visualized.

Design: OD designstudio


Motion design


OD designstudio