Tijs Oogmode

Tijs van Hal, the son of a well respected optician came to me to develop a brand for his new venture. Tijs Oogmode would be the continuance of his fathers 17 year expertise, but with a fresh perspective focused on exclusive, distinctive and high quality brands of eye fashion. Because what is better than to be able to look well, while looking good doing it?

The brief was to design a brand that would stand the test of time. It needed to shine in its simplicity while also standing synonymously for the characteristics of the boutique and its products. The brand would be put into practice in the beautiful, monumental boutique, which is situated in the iconic ‘Sassenstraat’ of Zwolle.

Designing for the test of time challenges you to steer away from trends and cliches. A minimalist approach for the logo in combination with imagery that stimulates the senses creates a balance so that the eye fashion itself receives the attention it deserves.




Tijs van Hal