Morrow Creative Club designed a brand new identity for the market leader in consumer 3D printers, Ultimaker: “Ultimaker is committed to accelerating the transition to digital distribution and local production. Whether for rapid prototyping or precise printing, for use in the office or in the workshop; with Ultimaker you can count on excellent quality throughout the printing process. If it can be imagined, it can be printed.

We've translated this seamless printing process into a visual metaphor: A "rough" square (which, not accidentally, resembles an empty "build chamber") evolves into a perfect circle. These form elements formed the basis for the word mark and grid system of the visual identity for Ultimaker. In addition to this, we designed patterns based on different printing techniques.”

During this project I developed brand presentation animations which explain and showcase the visual concept and its application on different media. In addition to this, I also developed an animated social media post concept where the user could create their own combinations, using a drag and drop method in AfterEffects.

Design: Morrow Creative Club


Motion design




Morrow Creative Club